Server Consolidation

Empower your teams to get there faster.

With the advancement of cloud offerings and increased demand for a virtualized environment, professional infrastructure planning and sizing to provide the core environment has become critical and foundation to the success of virtualization strategy of the organization. Core servers need to have sufficient processor power and memory runs to take care of the elastic nature of virtual machine load. Networks also have to be efficient enough to give the best throughput round the clock. As such, the sizing of the core platform in order to meet the consolidation requirement of the servers and the accompanying infrastructure has become very crucial, complex and challenging.

Diamond Infotech leadership team has been always adopted smarter and newer infrastructure technologies. The management has invested significantly in grooming its pool of talented residential engineers, servers, and network experts in a timely manner so that the team is efficient enough to quickly design and deliver any services and solution that need to take benefit of this paradigm shift in technology. Diamond Infotech has its own research team, guided by experts, who extensively test out any new solution in the Company’s own virtualized and cloud environment before proposing it to their clients.

Armed with its technical expertise Diamond Infotech is your right partner to act as your SME in consolidating your IT hardware resources so as to enable you to quickly embrace this paradigm shift in technology. Our optimized design can help you realize quick Return on Investment from your capital expenditures.

With most organizations experiencing an increase in cloud applications, they are also experiencing a decrease in data center servers. As the number demand decreases, it becomes critical to select the best possible server for the job.